Ann Renigar Hiatt, Ph.D.
     Author      Speaker      Storyteller
Desperation Road

Alzheimer’s strikes another victim and at least one family member detours down Desperation Road.  Dr. Ann shares true stories of people who step out of their daily lives and draw on extraordinary intuition and strength to handle unexpected, sometimes difficult episodes caring for loved ones who slide deeper into dementia.   
             Meet Ann’s strong, determined mother, known by everyone as ‘the hardware lady,’ as she hoards, obsesses, and perseveres while dementia slowly claims her brain.  As the story unfolds, Ann finds solace with support group members and others who daily tackle conflicts and harrowing events.  
            Their compelling stories reveal personal challenges seldom shared by caregivers as they bear the physical and emotional crises experienced along Desperation Road.   You will be transported into their lives and situations, and will learn, laugh, cry, and be amazed by their insights and ingenuity.