Ann Renigar Hiatt, Ph.D.
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By Amazon Customer on July 6, 2017' Format: Paperback |Verified Purchase
Very informative and interesting book! This book would be a great addition to all libraries! It gives an inside look into the life of a mother/daughter relationship as both are trying To go down the slippery slope of Desparation Road, which is another name for the Disease Of Alzheimer's! The Caregiver will not be alone , if they have this book as a guide...... Memory Care Units, might want to consider using Ann Renigar Hiatt's book ,as a teaching tool for Employees and families, of their patients! I can see that church's would benefit from having several copies in their libraries! Almost every family will need the skills that are presented In Ann's book, as their parents and loved ones grow older! Communication skills are a MUST,
As you deal with any aging person..... when they have Alzheimer's.... you and your loved one will
Be miserable.... if you do not ,know how to talk to them , when they have lost their ability to think
In a rational and normal way! I highly recommend it! My husband had this disease... I used all
Of the communication skills that are in this book! Martha "Pat" H. Loftin, M.Ed., Counseling, N.C.C.,